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Unique is a talent which prevents several units with the same name to be in play at the same time.

If a player casts a Unique unit when there already is one with the same name on their side of the board, then the existing one is destroyed. This does not affect other types of units, including those with the Unique trait but whose name is different. This does not affect opponent's units either.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

Spawning a Unique destroys previous Uniques with the same name.

List of scrolls with Unique[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Cay, Royal Envoy Creature Human Rare Order 8 Order.png 6 2 6 Unique, Dominion: Ward. At the end of your turn, if an opponent unit was destroyed in combat, draw 1 scroll.
Jarl Urhald Creature Human, Kinfolk Rare Growth 9 Growth.png 6 2 7 Unique, Relentless, Inspiring: +2 Attack, Pillage: Urhald's Countdown is set to 0 after attacking.
Nuru, Flesh-seamstress Creature Human Rare Decay 8 Decay.png 0 2 6 Unique, Dominion: Undead creatures you control get +2 Attack. Nuru does not attack. When Nuru's Countdown becomes 0, Nuru summons 2 Husks with Countdown 0 at random positions on your side. The Husks are destroyed after attacking.
Top Reaver Thea Creature Human, Reaver Rare Energy 8 Energy.png 7 2 6 Unique, Ranged attack, Piercing, Pillage: Your current Energy is increased by 2 at the beginning of your next turn.