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Relentless is a talent which enables a creature to use their full attack power when attacking. When a creature with Relentless defeats a unit, any remaining unused attack power is conserved and used on the next available target; this continues until attack power is depleted.

This is typically a talent of strong, high-attack creatures, as they have more attack power to spread between multiple targets. Units behind walls are especially vulnerable to the Relentless talent, because a creature with this talent can demolish a wall and continue to attack previously-defended units.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

If opponent blocking unit is destroyed, this creature will continue its attack.

List of scrolls with Relentless[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Blade Husk Creature Undead Common Decay 2 Decay.png 4 3 2 Dominion: Relentless.
Ducal Skirmisher Creature Human, Soldier Common Order 4 Order.png 3 2 4 Relentless.
Gravehawk Creature Human Uncommon Growth 2 Growth.png 1 2 3 Relentless. For each of your Gravelocks, Gravehawk gains +1 Attack.
Gravelock Raider Creature Gravelock Common Energy 1 Energy.png 1 2 2 Relentless.
Great Wolf Creature Beast, Wolf Rare Growth 5 Growth.png 3 2 5 Relentless. Great Wolf gets +1 Attack for every other Wolf you control.
Harvester Creature Masked, Undead Rare Decay 3 Decay.png 8 5 4 Relentless. Does not count down. When a creature is destroyed, Harvester's Countdown is decreased by 1.
Iron Ogre Creature Elder Rare Energy 7 Energy.png 7 3 6 Relentless, Armor 1.
Jarl Urhald Creature Human, Kinfolk Rare Growth 9 Growth.png 6 2 7 Unique, Relentless, Inspiring: +2 Attack, Pillage: Urhald's Countdown is set to 0 after attacking.
Kinfolk Jarl Creature Human, Kinfolk Rare Growth 7 Growth.png 3 2 6 Relentless, Inspiring: +1 Attack. For each creature adjacent to Kinfolk Jarl, Kinfolk Jarl gains +1 Attack.
Royal Skirmisher Creature Human, Soldier Uncommon Order 3 Order.png 3 2 3 Relentless.
Striped Fangbear Creature Beast, Bear Uncommon Growth 4 Growth.png 1 2 4 As long as opponent controls any Humans, Striped Fangbear is Relentless and its Attack is increased by 3.
Wings Cleaver Creature Human, Soldier Rare Order 6 Order.png 4 3 5 Relentless, Dominion: +3 Attack. Base Countdown is decreased by 1.

List of scrolls with related abilities[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Fierce Tactics Spell - Rare Growth 4 Growth.png - - - All your melee creatures become Relentless until end of turn.
Machination Mindset Enchantment - Uncommon Energy 2 Energy.png - - - Enchanted melee creature becomes relentless. Its Attack is increased by 1.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When used in the game's code, it's referred to as "AttackForwardContinuous".