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Pillage is a parameterized talent which triggers its associated effect whenever the unit deals damage to an idol.

In-game description[edit | edit source]


List of scrolls with Pillage[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Hired Smuggler Creature Human Uncommon Energy 2 Energy.png 2 2 2 Ranged attack, Pillage: Draw a structure scroll.
Ironclad Reaver Creature Human, Reaver Rare Energy 5 Energy.png 4 2 5 Pillage: Immune to damage until beginning of your next turn.
Jarl Urhald Creature Human, Kinfolk Rare Growth 9 Growth.png 6 2 7 Unique, Relentless, Inspiring: +2 Attack, Pillage: Urhald's Countdown is set to 0 after attacking.
Top Reaver Thea Creature Human, Reaver Rare Energy 8 Energy.png 7 2 6 Unique, Ranged attack, Piercing, Pillage: Your current Energy is increased by 2 at the beginning of your next turn.
Vengeful Vaettr Creature Vaettr Common Growth 2 Growth.png 2 2 2 Pillage: Increase Growth by 1. Vengeful Vaettr is dealt 1 damage.
Wetland Ranger Creature Human, Rebel Common Growth 4 Growth.png 1 1 4 Pillage: All your units get +1 Attack during your and your opponent's next turns.