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Curse is a tiered talent which increases damage taken. Damage is increased by as many points as the number after the Curse keyword.

The maximum tier of this talent is currently 9. However, multiple occurrences of this talent are cumulative, so it is possible to exceed that number.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

This unit takes [X] extra damage any time it takes damage.

List of scrolls with Curse[edit | edit source]

No unit has Curse when it comes into play.

List of scrolls with related abilities[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Baleful Witch Creature Human, Mystic Rare Decay 3 Decay.png 2 2 2 Ranged attack. Ranged. When Baleful Witch comes into play, any Curses on creatures in play are triggered (dealing damage).
Bloodline Taint Spell - Rare Decay 4 Decay.png - - - Target unit, and other units on the same side that share a subtype, gain Curse 2.
Cluster Hex Spell - Uncommon Decay 3 Decay.png - - - All units on target tile and adjacent tiles gain Curse 1.
Cursed Presence Enchantment - Common Decay 2 Decay.png - - - Enchant opponent unit. When that unit takes damage, other opponent units on that row get Curse 1. If a structure is enchanted, those units get Curse 2 instead.
Cursemonger Creature Human Uncommon Decay 4 Decay.png 3 2 4 Ranged attack. When Cursemonger's Countdown is 0, you may reset its Countdown to give target unit Curse 2.
Ire And Bile Spell - Rare Decay 2 Decay.png - - - All units gain Curse 1 and +1 Attack until end opponent's turn.
Malevolent Gaze Spell - Common Decay 2 Decay.png - - - Target Creature's Move is reduced by 1 until end of opponent's turn. It gets Curse 1. Dominion: That creature gets an additional Curse 9.
Nuru's Needle Enchantment - Uncommon Decay 3 Decay.png - - - Enchanted unit's Attack, Health and Move are decreased by 1. It gains Curse 1.
Wicked Being Enchantment - Common Decay 1 Decay.png - - - When enchanted unit is destroyed in melee, idol takes 2 damage on same row.