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Armor is a tiered talent which decreases damage taken from combat. Damage is reduced by as many points as the number after the Armor keyword.

The maximum tier of this talent is currently 2. However, multiple occurrences of this talent are cumulative, so it is possible to exceed that number using Plate Armors.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

All combat damage dealt to [this unit] is reduced by [X].

List of scrolls with Armor[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Cannon Automaton Creature Automaton Uncommon Energy 6 Energy.png 5 2 4 Ranged attack, Armor 1.
Gallant Defender Creature Human, Soldier Common Order 4 Order.png 2 2 4 As long as you have fewer units on the field than your opponent, Gallant Defender gets Armor 2.
Iron Ogre Creature Elder Rare Energy 7 Energy.png 7 3 6 Relentless, Armor 1.
Scout Automaton Creature Automaton Rare Energy 3 Energy.png 1 2 3 Ranged attack, Armor 1. All other Automatons you control get +1 Attack.
Tempest Reaver Creature Human, Reaver Uncommon Energy 4 Energy.png 0 2 4 Ranged attack, Armor 1. Tempest Reaver's Attack is equal to your current Energy resource.
Wings Shield Creature Human, Soldier Uncommon Order 3 Order.png 2 2 3 Wings Shield has Armor X, where X is the number of units behind it (combat damage dealt to Wings Shield is decreased by X).

List of scrolls with related abilities[edit | edit source]

Scroll Name Type Subtypes Rarity Resource Cost A. C. H. Talents and abilities
Plate Armor Enchantment - Rare Order 2 Order.png - - - Enchanted unit has Armor 1 (combat damage dealt to enchanted unit is decreased by 1) and its Health is increased by 1.
Ruse Spell - Uncommon Order 3 Order.png - - - Opponent's units get their Countdown decreased by 2. Your units gain Spiky 2 and Armor 1 until your next turn.

History[edit | edit source]

Armor was introduced in version 0.94.2 beta as a talent of Cannon Automaton.